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last updated: 2009-12-04
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On I offer help and information about selected topics concerning web authoring.

The following pages contain introductions, tests and references about the topics Colour, Graphics, and Characters.

The colour issues include colour theories as well as methods of application. Especially changes in CSS specifications and status advancements are of interest to new possibilities for web authors. Graphics are used excessively throughout the web. Being familiar with the major file formats helps keeping image file sizes small and enhancing the quality of images. Characters are the core issue of I18N efforts. Getting websites produce legible output and creating possibilities for content language negotiation should lie at the heart of every author.

Basic aspects, standards, and underlying concepts are described. Overviews and comparisons are presented in a way easy to grasp as tabulated data. My aim is to provide a basic understanding of these topics, enabling the author to weigh and consider these. Apart from this, many pages serve as a quick online reference, e.g. the colour palettes, Unicode data or several data converters.

In Characters and Fonts for example I discuss the difference and connection between charsets and their representation. There are a couple of tests for character encodings and fonts.

Colours provides you with a basic understanding of colour spaces and encoding colours for CSS whilst Graphics compares the file formats JPG, PNG and GIF.

At least basic knowledge in HTML and CSS is helpful to understand some parts of the topics and methods I describe. If you are not acquainted with number systems a short introduction to decimal, hexadecimal, octal, and binary numbers is a recommended reading.

At the end of each topic you will find references to further readings, e.g. underlying specifications. More reference about general topics and recommended software is supplied in the General Links' Section. If you are lost at some point or other the structured sitemap will help you to find the information you were looking for.

Apart from offering help and references for web authoring, the caleidoscope presents experiments with layout, graphics, language and thoughts. However, as I never seem to find enough spare time for working on this project, it develops as slowly as the sun needs to raise on Discworld.

Miscellaneous thoughts and notification of occasional changes can be found in the News section and information and help about this site, including odd problems with browsers are included on a “Help & Information” page.

Have fun!

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